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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

[NEWS] P Money Releasing 8 Free Tunes at Midnight Tonight!

A post up on the P Money blog says:

"This will literally be just to say thanks man, to show appreciation I’ve recently done some tunes to give to you for free
Enjoy the freeeeneesssss! 8 tunes for free not long before Blacks & P , aren’t you guys special eh!?  At midnight all you’ll have to do is click the link follow instructions an BOOM! it’s yours to go smash your face…..woah I’m joking it’s your to vibes to JUST vibes an jump around to….no smashing faces…No!

Stay tuned for some exclusive videos for some of them. Keep checking here or
Also look out for Blackberry which you can hear TONIGHT! on MistaJams show…Then you can have it yourself at Midnight!"

So be ready up on the P Money Website for your free downloads at midnight tonight!

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