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Monday, 27 June 2011

[DOWNLOAD] Timbar - Hidden Files (Mixtape)

01. Intro (Mykal Million)
02. New Wave (Feat. Komoshen) (Prod. By Gappy)
03. 32 Bars Of Truth (Prod. By Sirens)
04. Threat 2 Da Game (Feat. Vile Greeze) (Prod. By Sirens)
05. Life's Cold (Prod. By Loco)
06. Still Doing Crime (Prod. By Loco)
07. 32 Bars Of Truth Pt. 2 (Prod. By Sirens)
08. Ranks Freestyle (Prod. By Ranks)
09. Da Illist (Feat. M.A & Sticks) (Prod. By Dice)
10. Goin In (Feat. Bar4Bar) (Prod. By Dice)
11. Cold Days (Prod. By Dice)
12. Definition Of A Hitman (Prod. By Gappy)
13. 1 Away Bride (Prod By Ranks)
14. Meet Me At Da Yard (Feat. Notes & John Wayne) (Prod. By Versa Beatz)
15. Dreams (Feat. Propane & Treat) (Bonus Track)

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